36 Morning Glory Bag of 6

You'll enjoy these mega-sized long lasting morning glories. Great color from another traditional favorite.

Party Time Party Poppers - 6 Pak

Party time, people! Loud bang with flying confetti.

Penguin Pair

This novelty comes in packs of two and is great for kids to enjoy. The penguins twirl around shooting a shower of whistling, colored sparks.

Assorted Color Ammo Smoke

Assorted Color Ammo Smoke is always a fun novelty! We have added color to this popular and long-lasting smoke item.

Chicken Coop

This novelty is fun for kids! The Chicken Coop features 3 hen laying eggs and 1 cock crowing!

Fire Engine

Climb aboard! This rolling red fire engine whistles along with a nice silver effect.

Lightning Flash - Box of 6

Break out the welding goggles for this one! Amazing, pulsating strobes of stunning white lightning emanate from this popular item that leaves you in awe.

Pop-Its TNT

Pop! goes the weasel. A must have for kids of all ages. All-time fave!

Smoke Balls Asstd TNT - Bag of 6

Don�t forget to add some smoke to your show! These assorted smoke balls can be used during day or night and emit colorful smoke and thick fog.

Asst. Color Snake - TNT

Hsst! These assorted color snakes from TNT are now available in magic black, fun and magic colored and more.

Number 10 Gold Sparkler

Write your name in the air! This #10 Gold Sparkler is a traditional favorite and is fun for young and old alike.

Pull String Grenade

This Pull String Grenade is a fun novelty that emits tons of smoke from a plastic life-sized grenade.

TNT Blasts - Bag of 6

Hang on to your hat! This item detonates into multiple bursts of loud and statically-charged explosions of silver flashes and crackles.

Mr. Turtle

This tortoise is quick to please the kids! He moves, sprays and surprises with his many antics.

Urban Assault Vehicle

This little vehicle is always rolling with its flashing headlights, crackling stars, colorful torch and launching tubes.

14 Morning Glory Torch

Morning glories are like sparklers on a wooden stick, but they change color as they burn for an exciting torch display.

Number 10 TNT Morning Glory

These morning glories have spectacular, long lasting shower of golden rain.