16 shot of red stars, green star and crackling

8 Ball Texas Cyclone Candle

8 shots of a giant twister are sure to thrill. Top rated roman candle.

Deep Purple

25 shot of blue comets that burst into red and blue stars.

Powder House

16 shot of red tail to gold willow to red star; green tail to gold willow to green star; blue tail to gold willow to blue star.

Warp Factor

13 shot of red comets with blue, white,orangeand red glitters; silvery comets up with red crackles.

After Dark

6 shot of blue stars with colorful glitters and crackling willows.


12 shots of colorfull glitters with bouquets, crackles and chrysanthemums.

Americas Best 500 Gram

Wow! 16 shots and 500 grams of maximum charged juice provide a great finale. Beautiful gold and silver effects

Bruno 30-Shot 500 Gram

WOW! This big guy guy is a great finale with 30 shots of assorted peony with magical crackles.

Magical Barrage 100-Shot

Do you believe in magic? 100 shots of fast action, noise making, and high flying is a great way to kick off any magic show.

Patriot 36-Shot 500 Gram

Show your true colors with this 36 shot 500g finale. Includes multi-colored giant comets and jumbo colorful bouquets with flying fish. Special finale within this finale. Sure to please, guaranteed!

Pit Bull 7-Shot

Down, boy! 7 shots of whistles burst into gold, green & purple stars with magic crackles.

Saturn Missile 25-Shot

Stand back for the astounding noise and activity that will come zipping out of this box! You may just discover you like these so much that you'll need quite a few of them to satisfy your taste, so pick up several!

Super Missile 300-Shot

This baby lets loose of 300 super rapid fire shots that fill the air with golden effects.

Giant Saturn Missile 24-Shot

This giant aerial whistles upward with red and green stars and crackling flowers.

Steel Wave 8-Shot

Silver comets burst into red peony with silver glitter and purple peonies with green glitter.

Whats Up 12-Shot

What's Up? A dozen shots of triple stage whistling silver crackling comets, that's what!

Earth Shaker

9 shot of red, silver,green and yellow boquet, Purple starsand green glitter, lemon stars and crackle: blue stars and silver glitter.