Killer Bee Fountain

Excited hornets spin from this display which showers vicious volcanic sparks.


Piercing shrill whistle w/plenty of gold sparks.

Old Glory Fountain

Multi-colored glittering & stars, whistles, pine, & crackling.

Tequila Sunrise Fountain

Flaming red torch with a silver shower of sparks.


Pink crackle w/chrysanthemum pink & purple finish.

Shining Star

Red, green & blue fish with red & yellow stars plus crackles with titanium chrysanthemums.

Mayan Gold

Smokin' white & red torch with titanium ran, plus gold & red fishes followed by purple, green, & blue stars with crackling chrysanthemums.

Crackling Cactus Fountain

These prickly 7 fountains are hot. The gold, purple, red, green, and blue stars with silver chrysanthemums and crackers balls will have you combing the desert for more Crackling Cactus.

Delirium 500G Fountain

Everyone is sure to be delirious with this awesome fan-shaped fountain with multiple colors & effects! Great finale!

Live Wire Fountain

This live wire features glittering silvery rain with multi-colored stars & chrysanthemums with whistles and is sure to impress.

Mad Dog Fountain

Beware of dog! This fountain is a fierce display of red and green with bright crackling stars and whistles.

Purple Rain Fountain

Break out the umbrellas and run for cover! This fountain showers sizzle and rains purple balls in an enthralling display for all.

Super Bullet Fountain

Bite the bullet! This tall bullet-shaped fountain is a nice finale that pierces the air with color flashes & sparks.