100 Break 1in Assorted Shells

You're in for a treat with this shell assortment. All 34 assorted double, triple & quad breaks pack a punch.

Americas Best of the Best

As its name implies, this is truly the best of the best when it comes to reloadables. 44 shots. 106 breaks. Enough said.

America Rising

6 shot (Quad Shells) 24 breaks total

TNT Artillery Shell 6-Shot

Artillery Shells, anyone? You've got to have a box of these. 6 different display shells with comet tails and spectacular bursts will thrill your audience.

TNT Festival Balls 6-Shot

Festivus for the rest of us. 6 assorted reloadable shells light up the sky.

TNT Mini Artillery Shell

Pint-sized version with assorted shots of glitter, palms, stars, and crackling.

Proud American Triple Break

This Proud American Triple Break will have you standing tall with its great effects and artillery shells. Great colors and effects!