Making 4th of July fun and safe!

10 Firework Safety Tips
  • 25 Feet Away
  • Never Relight Fuses
  • Keep Water Nearby
  • Soak Trash Before Discarding
  • Use as Intended
  • Do Not Hold in Hand
  • Do Not Aim at Others
  • Have Plenty of Space
  • Look Out for Directional Items
  • Be Respectful of Neighbors and Animals

Recommended Display Items
  • Start with a variety pack to get several items at a discount
  • Grab a couple fountains. Long lasting. Great starters.
  • Add some reloadable shells. Big display. Good to mix in.
  • Finish with a Finale. Multiple bursts, one fuse, perfect timing.
  • Do not forget sparklers, pop-its, vehicles and ground spinners!
  • Happy 4th of July!!!

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